January Meeting: --Wednesday, January 16, 2013



This month’s topic covered basic concepts of magnetic induction, wave motion, synchronous and variable speed motor drive applications. There was a presentation and hardware demonstration of the above concepts. For those who attended, John provided an educational demonstration that he built using parts from various model Hammond organs and a special speaker enclosure using a stationary bass speaker and treble speaker with a rotating high frequency horn. Click here to download the Adobe pdf. (4Mb size)

Hammond Vibrato

SPEAKER: John Mihevic John Mihevic’s area of expertise is process control and instrumentation. After hiring into the Rocket Systems Division at NASA Plum Brook, John designed controls for the gas pressurization of the 10,000 gal liquid hydrogen and 3,000 gal liquid oxygen tank of the Atlas Centaur upper stage flight vehicle that was tested at Plum Brook. He also developed the mass flow controls for heated hydrogen fuel (1100 Deg F) that was used to hot fire the Hypersonic Research Engine (HRE) at the Plum Brook Hypersonic Test Facility (HTF). The HTF required process controls for engine testing at Mach 5, 6, 7 and maximum facility conditions of 1200 Psig, and 3500 Deg F. At NASA Cleveland, he was Central Process Control Systems Manager responsible for the Glenn center-wide distributed control system (combustion air, altitude exhaust, atmospheric exhaust, cooling tower water, service air, and refrigeration systems) for the major wind tunnels and propulsion test facilities at Glenn including the control and monitoring of thirteen electrical substations that distribute all of the Center's electrical power. The system consists of nearly 100 process control loops with a total I/O of over 12,000 points. He received a BS with honors in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology. He is a PE and a member of the ISA Cleveland Section.


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