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Aug, 2017
Dale Reed, ISA CAP
Cleveland Section Standards Chair


ISA Standards and Practices


Here are the latest happenings in ISA Standards and Practices (S&P):


·         The ISA 106 committee (procedural control for continuous processes) is deep in the development of a Standard, starting from the two Technical Reports (TRs) issued so far.  Teleconferences and face-to-face meetings are happening to narrow down the content of the TRs to uncover the normative content for a Standard.


·         The ISA 101 committee (human-machine interface, HMI) is creating a new Working Group, WG4, on Graphics for on-Machine applications.  All four ISA 101 working groups (WG1: HMI Philosophy and Style Guide; WG2: HMI for Mobile Devices; WG3: HMI Usability & Performance; and WG4) will be having face-to-face meetings at the ISA Fall Leaders Meeting (FLM) in Tampa in October.


·         ISA-d95.00.07, “Enterprise/Control System Integration – Alias Service Model,” has been submitted to the ISA S&P Board for approval, which is expected.  Look for this Standard to be published and available for download by the end of 2017.


·         The ISA 18 committee (alarms and notifications) has formed a working group, WG8, on Alerts, Status Notifications, Prompts, Events, and pretty much anything else that doesn’t qualify as an alarm.  I am a co-chair of this group, and we’ve gotten into a cadence of teleconferences working through use cases and expectations.  Our next face-to-face meeting will be at FLM.


·         The ISA S&P Board is setting up a working group to coordinate standards impacted by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), including committees 18, 50 (fieldbus), 84 (SIS), 88 (batch), 95 (MES), 99 (cybersecurity), 100 (wireless), 101, 104 (device integration), 106, 108 (intelligent device management) and 112 (SCADA).


If you are interested in participating in any ISA Standards, check out the committee list at, or contact me or Charley Robinson at ISA HQ.  Charley’s contact information:


Charley Robinson, Director, Standards and Technology
International Society of Automation
PO Box 12277, 67 Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
+1 (919) 990-9213


My contact information:

Dale Reed CAP, e-mail:  or phone:  +1 (440) 646-4771.


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