ISA Standards News

Nov, 2016
Dale Reed, ISA CAP
Cleveland Section Standards Chair

ISA Standards and Practices



 ISA Standards and Practices Here are the latest happenings in ISA Standards and Practices (as of 2016-09-16):

 • In addition to a meeting of the ISA Standards and Practices (S&P) Board of Directors, the ISA Fall Leaders Meeting in Newport Beach at the end of September, several of the Standards committees will be meeting, including ISA 18 (Alarm Management), ISA 75 (Control Valves), ISA 96 (Valve Actuators), ISA 99 (Control System Security), ISA 101 (HMI), ISA 108 (Intelligent Devices) and ISA 112 (new SCADA committee forming).

• ANSI/ISA 18.2-2016 (update from the 2009 version and the IEC-62682 version) has been approved and will be published shortly (possibly by the time you read this). Also, the Technical Report on alarm management for packaged systems (TR18.02.07) has been approved with comments. Look for this to be published very late 2016 or early 2017.

• Several other new standards and technical reports are available, notably for Analyzers / Gas Detectors (ISA 92) and Hazardous Location Electrical Safety (ISA 12). Go to, click on Store, select Standards and sort by “newest” to see all the latest. Contact me if you are interested in participating in ISA Standards development. NOTE that you don’t have to be an ISA member to participate in ISA Standards committees! Dale E. Reed, CAP (Standards Chair)