Cleveland ISA Previous Meetings


Past Meeting Website & Pictures


Sep 10, 2019 Open Process Automation Forum Sep2019
May 8, 2019 Cyber Security and Risk Management May2019
Mar 6, 2019 Control Valve Basics Mar2019
Feb 7, 2019 Explosion Proof vs. Intrinsic Safety Feb2019
Jan 9, 2019 Troubleshooting Oscillatory PID Loops NA


Joe Kaulfersch, Retired from Fox & Dole

President Elect

Debashis Sadukhan, NASA Glenn


Ryan Kassinger, First Energy Corp.


Dale Reed, Rockwell Automation


Scott Kuntz, Middough


Remaining Schedule

Feb 5, 2020 AC/DC Drive Technology, Tavolo 72Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport

Mar 5, 2020 Smucker's Factory Tour, Orrville, Ohio

April 10, 2020 Science Fair & Power Grid History-Tavolo 72 Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport

May 8, 2020 Mitchel's Homemade ice Cream Factory Tour

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