ISA CLE President's Message


Welcome to your ISA Cleveland Section!

As we start this our 66th year, let’s take a moment and have a peek at where you are and maybe what the future might have in store.  First, you have a membership of around 130.  That's thanks to you.  A concern is that it is down from over 400 15 years ago and we are growing older.  About 20% of you are active and attend one or more functions.  You are financially sound, for the moment.  You have a really, really very dedicated and talented executive board that provides the lifeblood for the year’s activities and the continuity from year to year.  You have several totally passionate members, without whose gifts of time and love, we would have no fun and little strength.  Your programs and activities are the result of careful planning and individual generosity of time and talent.

We are into our second COVID‑19 year.  So until March 2022 at the earliest, we will conduct all of our technical programs and Board meetings virtually.  This will be easier that dressing for going into public, meeting at a nice restaurant, and all of the driving to make that work.  But I do really miss those parts.  As last year, our technical programming will be arranged and you invited on a plan as we go process.  You get to learn something new or relearn a thing forgotten.  Pick one or pick as many as you can!

The following is from my message to you in 2005.  I think it is even more relevant now than then:

Remember, “Pay it Forward?”  It’s the title of a popular movie quite a few years back.  But more than that, I believe that it is also the recognition of something important and vital in life: it is a gentle reminder to consider investing in the future.  Despite our apparent present success, professional societies at the international, regional, and local levels aren’t going to be around much longer without some remodeling and reinventing.  You already see this.  So, please consider this to be my reminder to you: if you don’t find anything we do interesting enough to participate, please tell me just one thing you’d rather see us offer; if you attend a function and it doesn’t really benefit you or deliver what you expect, please tell me what you expected; if you have an idea of what you’d like to see in a professional society, please tell me and everyone else around what you think; if you think you might be able to help out your Section in some small way, talk to me or any other board member and we’ll be happy to “try out” a few things.

I close this message to you with our need to find a plan for your Section's future.  We face three big challenges: (1) Recruiting and preparing Section leaders; (2) Diminishing Section membership numbers; and (3) Steadily diminishing Section treasury.  We will work to work this out, and at the same time, provide interesting and useful programming.  Will you help us?

I look forward to sharing this next year with you.  Come!


Doug Rothenberg

President 2021-2022
ISA Cleveland Section



Doug Rothenberg, D-Roth, Inc.

President Elect

Ryan Kassinger,  First Energy Corp.


Donald Ondrejka,


John Mihevic, Retired from NASA Glenn


Debashis Sadhukan, NASA Glenn