September Meeting --Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011

The Discovery and Development of Secure Wireless Control

About the Program:

Join us as we learn about the discovery and development of secure wireless control. As wireless networks become the norm for individuals, see why industry must approach wireless controls with caution.l This is a joint meeting with the local chapter of The Society of Women Engineers.

About the Speakers:

Maria Baker
Maria Baker is an electrical engineer graduating Magna Cum Laude with Honors from Cleveland State University. Ms. Baker has performed considerable research in autonomous robotic swarms and is currently engaged in graduate research in the areas of advanced active disturbance rejection controls, and power conversion systems specific to the integration of photovoltaic arrays (solar power) into an unbalanced power grid. Ms. Baker also has significant industry experience in a variety of areas including thermal and photometric characterization of light emitting diodes and product reliability testing. Ms. Baker currently serves as a Technical Advisor in electrical arts with Frisina, LLC. Selected Publications: Chris Churavy, Maria Baker, Samarth Mehta, Ishu Pradhan, Nina Scheidegger, Steven Shanfelt, Rick Rarrick, and Dan Simon. “Effective implementationof a mapping swarm of robots.” IEEE Potentials (2008): 28-33.

Qinling Zheng, MSEE
Qinling Zheng is a current doctoral student conducting research in advanced control systems. Ms. Zheng's research includes applying Active Disturbance Rejection Control to changing perturbering conditions and non-stationary transfer functions of superconducting RF (SRF) cavitie systems.

Vladislava Cuznetova
Vladislava Cuznetova is a software engineering intern on the mechanical/E-Commerce team at OEConnection. Ms. Cuznetova is responsible for troubleshooting and sustaining existing products in production. She also participates in the application, design and implementation of new products as well as enhancement of existing products.




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