Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Rockwell Automation Twinsburg Plant Tour

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At this point in time, due to COVID 19, the ISA Cleveland Section is not having in-person face-to-face program meetings.

About The Topic:




Bob Rossoll

Connected Enterprise Solutions Consultant (Industry 4.0)
Rockwell Automation, Mayfield Heights, Ohio


Bob Rossoll

As a Solutions Consultant, Bob works with Rockwell customers to help them better understand the art of what is possible from Industry 4.0.  Industry 4.0 is a manufacturing industry-wide initiative for the use of enhanced technology and real time data to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce costs in manufacturing.  Bob has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience and is a graduate of the Cleveland State University Washkewicz College of Engineering with a BS in Electrical Engineering.








Brian McCaffrey

Program Manager, Digital Enablement and Governance
Rockwell Automation, Twinsburg, Ohio

Brian Mcafrery

  As a program manager, Brian works with    Rockwell Automation's global manufacturing facilities on their Connected Enterprise applications (Industry 4.0). His role is to help these facilities optimally support their manufacturing systems and drive measurable business improvements.  Brian has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science with a BS in Industrial Engineering.






The Twinsburg facility, located southeast of Cleveland, has been in operation since 1979. Key product catalogs manufactured at this facility include industrial control, I/O and communication modules, industrial operator interface terminals, and servo drives.  The site is a showcase of the use of operations technology in modern manufacturing.

During the virtual tour, we will do a video walk through of the printed circuit board assembly and final assembly operations, showing how technology is applied to improve those processes.  A number of technologies will be highlighted including our Manufacturing Execution system, integrated equipment and torque tools, machine analytics, Computerized Maintenance Management System, Surface Mount technology Optimization Software, visualization software and labeling software, all brought together into one integrated system. 

It contextualizes shop floor real time data with ERP transactional data to provide actional information to Manufacturing Decisions makers using the ISA95 model.

The system provides real time global critical to quality parameter monitoring, integrated order management, data driven process optimization, and provides machine optimization and interfaces with intelligent tools.  The system performs numerous functions for us including sending transactions to our ERP system, enforcing training, that orders are built in the proper sequence, that operators are certified, and that test processes are properly completed.  It also collects quality and performance information both automatically from machines and manually entered.  It automatically sends programs and profiles to equipment on our shop floor based on the scans that take place.  It provides traceability information from the component level to finished catalog items. It provides historical information.  For any product produced, we can tell who built the product, what machines it was produced on, any defects or downtimes that were incurred while the product was being built.

Visualization software allows support, management, and manufacturing associates to see how the processes are performing from both a quality and productivity standpoint in real time.  This way process adjustments can be quickly made to optimize output and quality.

Torque tools and equipment are integrated.   This captures historical information and prevents errors being made from using the incorrect process information (torques and programs).

Surface Mount Optimization software is used to minimize constraint times and eliminate potential defects in our Surface Mount assembly operations.

Computerized Maintenance Management software is used to keep records of maintenance performed on the equipment and to help identify opportunities for improvements.

We are applying analytics on the information provided by the system to enable us to make additional process improvement.

We will describe our journey and business results we have experienced including reducing inventory from 120 days to 82 days, reduction of capital expenditures by 30%, improvement in delivery from 82% to 96% on time to promise, a reduction of lead times by 50%, reduction of defect ppms by 60%, and has delivered year over year productivity of 5%.

The Operations group in Twinsburg has 300 manufacturing associates working across four shifts. In addition, this group includes 40 support personnel in various roles, including engineering, quality control and continuous improvement.  These continuous improvement efforts are critical to keeping our plant competitive.   Having information available from our systems makes this effort much easier to identify, quantify and prioritize potential improvement projects for greatest impact. 


You will see:


  1. How a Manufacturing company can use technology in a high cost labor market to remain competitive in a global marketplace.

  2.  How these technologies can be standardized across operations to improve best practice sharing and minimize total costof ownership.

  3.  How the various components of technology can be integrated seamlessly into an integrated system.

  4. How these technologies are driving real business results across all our locations globally.


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