Cleveland ISA Presidents Message

Joe Kaulfersch-President



Joe Kaulfersch

ISA Cleveland Section President 2019-2020


Dear ISA Cleveland Section members,

I welcome you all to the new term 2019-20. As we transition from the 2018-19 term, new board members take up their roles with great motivation and some current board members switch roles in the board to continue with renewed vigor. I am honored to be your new president for the term and hope to serve the section with the knowledge and experience I have gained in my 46 year career as an “Automation Professional”, and ISA member for 37 years as an ISA volunteer. My most immediate task at hand is to ensure a smooth transition to the new term.
My ISA journey has been a rewarding one, I’ve been inspired by the community members who have devoted their time to the society and to its advancement through education, standards, publications, divisions, geographic districts and sections. I have been involved as a volunteer in many different roles in the Cleveland Section and have been fortunate enough to attend several ISA technical & leadership seminars, conferences, expos and trainings. In short, I have served & experienced ISA to a great degree before being elected as the president of ISA Cleveland Section for the third time.
ISA’s current, much simplified Vision, Mission and Values statement resonates with my leadership and I, with my esteemed board members, will uphold it in everything that we plan and execute during the next 12 months.




I am excited to share exciting news about some initiatives which I will be carrying forward from the previous term.

  • The updated ISA Cleveland Section Website will be launched in the coming weeks which will usher our section to the state-of-the-art web experience while offering better service to our growing member base.
  • We are looking for technical articles to be submitted to our web site that will be archived to add value for our advertisers and members to visit the web site more often on a regular basis.
  • A fresh section sponsorship initiative will offer corporate partnership to our long-standing partners and bring their recognition and messaging to the forefront. I will be visiting corporate leaders in Northeast Ohio to explain the benefits of their employees being and becoming members of ISA and how it benefits their companies and their bottom line.

Following are some of the numerous fresh initiatives that are under development for the section, please stay tuned for further details:

  • We will expand beyond the current program meeting format by diversifying the topics to include ISA themed standards updates programs and interesting tours to see how different industries apply instrumentation and controls in our diverse industries in North East Ohio.
  • Bring fresh ideas to our section’s scholarship fund-raising traditions such as the possibility of reintroducing an “Instrument Show” with Continuing Education hours training to alternate years with the Toledo Section so we don’t compete with one another and our annual Golf Tournament. Focus will be to expand the outreach and enhance our society’s vision and mission through these events. This will take a tremendous effort but I am depending on the support of the Cleveland and Akron Vendor advertisers and membership to accomplish this task.
  • Increase the support to our student liaison team with local college and trade school support; enhance ISA Cleveland support to annual events such as the Science Fair.
  • Increase involvement and participation by all our members by spreading the knowledge about the section’s activities on more regular basis through Social Media and upgraded website.

I invite all Cleveland Section members to engage in their section’s calendar of events and voice their opinions via e-mail to me ( Your suggestions and opinions matter and help your elected board in shaping up our path for the term. Our main task is to serve you, the section members, so that you stay connected and involved with the Vision, Mission and Values of the society and together we take it to the next level.
I hope to hear from you!

Joseph A. Kaulfersch

President – ISA Cleveland Section 2019-20