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Checkout notes from our November 9, 2011 meeting: A Shocking Overview of Lightning


December 12, 2011 Controls Course Offering!

Dr. Zhiqiang Gao, Associate Professor from the Cleveland State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will be presenting a Control System Design course on Monday, December 12, from 1-5pm. Click here for details. To sign up for the course, click here.


December Meeting --Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011

Tour of NASA Glenn Research Center

Note: All attending the tour must be US Citizens and must bring a photo ID. No exceptions

The Tour:


The various aeronautical research test beds, platforms, or facilities at the GRC conduct “real time” testing of jet engines system, subsystem and components in simulated engine operation environment. To replicate the conditions encountered in flight, high speed and/or high altitudes, GRC utilizes Central Process Systems (CPS) to simulate in flight engine and vehicle environment such as velocity, high altitude (near vacuum pressure), low temperature at many large and small test facilities distributed throughout the center. For this reason GRC research is dependent upon a reliable source of large quantity of compressed and conditioned air, distributed at multiple locations, pressures, temperatures and dew points. A major component of the Center’s Lewis Field facilities is the Central Process Systems, which supports a number of the larger test facilities and includes a state of the art monitoring and control system. The basic components of this system are:

• 10-psig refrigerated air

• 40-psig combustion air

• 125-psig shop air service

• 150-psig combustion air

• Altitude exhaust

• 450-psig combustion air

• Atmospheric exhaust

• 1250-psig combustion air

Central Process System Distributed Control

The Central Process System Distributed Control (CPSDC) uses remote processors and programmable logic controllers communicating via thirteen miles of coaxial data highway cable to operator workstations in Buildings 143, 64, 23 and 5. The remote processors and programmable logic controllers (with over 14,000 I/O points) are used for control and data acquisition of equipment in the areas of Electrical Power Dispatch, Central Air Dispatch, Engine Research Building (ERB) and Central Air Equipment Building (CAEB) and The Variable Frequency Power facility (VF). This equipment includes Compressors, Exhausters, Dehydrators, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Valves, Substations, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Electrical Motors, and Generators for backup power and variable frequency power generation.


Throughout its history, the 10 by 10-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel (10x10 SWT) has made valuable contributions to the advancement of fundamental supersonic propulsion technology. Researchers have used the facility to aid in the development of the Atlas-Centaur, Saturn, and Atlas-Agena-class launch vehicles, and for such vehicle-focused research programs as the High-Speed Civil Transport, the National AeroSpace Plane, and the Joint Strike Fighter. The test section is large enough to accommodate large-scale models and full-size aircraft components. The 10x10 SWT was specifically designed to test supersonic propulsion components such as inlets, nozzles, and full-scale jet and rocket engines. It also has been effectively utilized for force balances models and spacecraft reentry decelerator testing.

Tour Guides:

CPS Video - Debashis Sadhukhan

CPS - Debashis Sadhukhan/Don Brown

10x10 - Mark Sobonya


Tour Location: (Click Here for directions)

NASA Glenn Research Center

21000 Brookpark Rd.

Cleveland, OH 44135


Dinner Location: Del Sangro’s Ristorante

13450 Snow Road

Cleveland, OH 44142-2542

Ph 216-362-1070


Dinner Menu

Dinner choices: Chicken Parmigiana, Angel Hair Vegetarian Style, Tilapia or Camille's Boneless Ribeye. All entrees include fresh garden pub salad, choice of iced tea, coffee or soda and dessert cake provided by ISA Cleveland Section. Separate checks will be presented.


When: Wednesday, December 7, 2011



3:45-4:00 PM Tour Check-in

4:00-6:00 PM Tour

6:00 - 6:20 PM Travel to Dinner

6:30 - 8:00 PM Dinner

Cost: We will be ordering off the menu with separate checks. Approximate Cost $20-25.00.


Contact: Harriet Radvansky


PHONE:(440) 239-9176

Reservations Required by December 5

Please contact Harriet if you plan on attending this meeting. All attending the tour must be US Citizens and must bring a photo ID. No exceptions.

If Email reservations are made, please provide:

  • Name
  • Professional Affiliation or Employer
  • Phone Number
  • Volunteer Opportunity for Engineers:

    A World in Motion: The award-winning A World In Motion® program brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to life right in the classroom. Click here for details.