There Will Be No

ISA Cleveland Section Program For September


At this point in time, due to COVID 19, the ISA Cleveland Section is not having in-person face-to-face program meetings.

The Cleveland Section Board is planning to have a virtual meeting on Wednesday Oct. 7th from 7:00-8:30 P.M.  The topic will be"History of Electrical Grid".  You will be able to attend the virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams.  The link to attend the virtual meeting will be in October Website and Newsletter.  There will also be a phone number and conference ID if you wish to attend audio only, you will need to download it which will be in October Website and Newsletter. There is no cost for the download or use of the software.

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Debashis Sadukhan, NASA Glenn

President Elect

Doug Rothenberg,  D-Roth, Inc.


Ryan Kassinger, First Energy Corp.


Joe Zullo, Chirico Scientific


Joe Kaulfersch, Retired from Fox & Dole